Taiwan's Chou, Lin enjoy action scenes

AP News
Posted: Dec 23, 2009 6:27 AM

He's one of Chinese pop's biggest acts and she's one of the most famous Chinese faces on the catwalk.

But R&B sensation Jay Chou and model Lin Chi-ling are enjoying their second careers as actors. Promoting their new film "The Treasure Hunter" in Hong Kong on Wednesday, both Taiwanese entertainers spoke glowingly of each other's dedication on the set.

"Jay sets very high standards for himself. He performs most of his own action sequences. Even when the director thinks the sequences are OK, he insists he can do better," Lin said.

Chou returned the compliment, saying Lin also avoided using stunt doubles.

"When you look at some action sequences played by some actresses, the editing can be choppy because they use stunt doubles. But if you look at her scenes, you can tell she doesn't use them at all. You should buy the DVD in the future. Pause, then rewind _ you'll see it's the same person," Chou said.

Directed by Taiwanese filmmaker Chu Yen-ping, "The Treasure Hunter" is about a conservationist, played by Chou, who battles rogue explorers for a coveted treasure map. The $15 million production is already showing in mainland China and will be released in Hong Kong and Taiwan on Dec. 31.

Chou, who made his name with his distinctive slurred delivery of soulful ballads, is the more experienced actor of the two Taiwanese celebrities. He made his debut in the 2005 car racing movie "Initial D," and has since racked up six other acting credits, including famed Chinese director Zhang Yimou's 2006 imperial court drama, "Curse of the Golden Flower." He has also directed his first movie, the 2007 romance "Secret," and is about make his Hollywood debut playing Kato in the Columbia Pictures remake of the 1960s U.S. TV series "The Green Hornet."

Lin only appeared in her first film recently, John Woo's 2008 historical epic "Red Cliff." She said she wants to take on more action films _ even though they are physically taxing.

"Once you see the finished product, you think it's very much worth it, so I won't rule out shooting more action movies," Lin said.