Music Review: Priscilla Renea shines with new CD

AP News
Posted: Dec 02, 2009 4:19 PM

Priscilla Renea, "Jukebox" (Capitol)

Priscilla Renea is a prime example of how to get discovered through She got noticed by getting millions of clicks on the site, generating fans with her airy vocals and singing some of music's most likable songs.

But Renea shows on her debut album "Jukebox" that she can do more than just sing. The 21-year-old wrote every song except for one of the 11 tracks on the disc, while playing the piano and guitar.

Her array of skills, mixed with electro-pop beats and her bubbling persona, makes "Jukebox" work, especially on her first single "Dollhouse" and "Mr. Workabee."

Renea's storytelling is insightful. She delivers well-crafted lyrics on top of strong production on relatable songs like "Pretty Girl," "Fixing My Hair" and piano-driven "Lovesick." On "Rockabye Baby," she sings in a cheerful tone to deliver an earnest message about premature teen parenthood.

Renea took a risk with "Bacon n' Eggs," which should've been kept in the vault. But for the most part, her creative approach for much of "Jukebox" makes sense.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: Renea's "Baby Please" is the best track on the album, as she pours her feelings out to a lover to salvage a relationship that lacks communication.