Music Review: Pretty Ricky is pretty good

AP News
Posted: Nov 17, 2009 11:28 AM

Pretty Ricky, "Pretty Ricky" (Bluestar Entertainment)

It's amazing the R&B/hip-hop foursome Pretty Ricky even had time to record their latest self-titled album "Pretty Ricky." All that wooing of women has got to be taxing on the body and soul.

For its aim, this is a very good album. It wouldn't have worked if the quirky quartet of Spectacular, Diamond Blue, Slick 'em and _ ahem _ Lingerie had held back. They don't. They ooze of audacity, crooning smooth lyrics so brazen it's like four R. Kellys on stage.

On the upbeat "Mr. Goodbar" they sing about covering their love interest's body in "Hershey kisses." When they slow it down on "Lapdance," the song turns into a sizzling instructional about pole-dance moves and sipping Patron tequila. Pretty Ricky asks that you check all nuance at the door.

This album is a snapshot of the urban male libido in overdrive. And for better or worse, it works like a charm.

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