'Rise the Dark' by Michael Koryta is filled with suspense

AP News
Posted: Aug 15, 2016 8:02 AM

"Rise the Dark" (Little, Brown and Co.), by Michael Koryta

Mark Novak, seen previously in Michael Koryta's "Last Words," is still seeking answers regarding the murder of his wife in "Rise the Dark."

Garland Webb, the man responsible for killing Lauren Novak, walks away a free man on a technicality. Mark knows Garland is responsible, but can he prove it? The words "Rise the Dark" were written in Lauren's notebook prior to her death, and the cryptic message has been elusive.

In a small town in Montana, Sabrina Baldwin watches her husband, Jay, head out to repair a downed power line. She showers, and when she steps out, she's shocked to see a man waiting for her. Garland shoots her with a tranquilizer dart and his bold plan begins.

Mark visits the site of his wife's murder and learns that he's a pawn in a game where his survival is doubtful. Garland knows every move Mark is going to make, and the truth behind Lauren's cryptic message will ruin the lives of many people. Jay learns of his wife's kidnapping and realizes he will have to betray everything he holds dear in order to win her freedom.

Koryta has a gift for terrific suspense that immerses the reader while also delivering prose that almost reads like poetry. Some of the answers that Mark finds are a bit hard to believe, but that's a minor bump in the road that should definitely be traveled.