Class of 2012: Would you move elsewhere in EU?

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Posted: Dec 05, 2012 4:32 AM

A language trap is blocking young people from seeking opportunity across the European Union. The Associated Press asks the Class of 2012: Would you move to another non-English speaking EU country in search of work?


I would definitely choose to work in a non-English speaking EU country, such as Spain, Italy, Holland or France. It is something that I always had in mind. However, I would do it under two conditions: I would make sure that I am 100 percent certain that I truly like this job and I would like to have the time to learn the language of the specific country.


I don't think I'll seek a job in a non-speaking country. I have some knowledge of Spanish and Italian, but the economic situation there is worse than in France, so what's the point leaving if your future is not secure? I could think about seeking job in Germany, because it seems that the employment market is alright over there. But unfortunately, I do not speak German at all.


Before going to live one year in Germany on a study program, I spent two summers in Berlin and in Cologne, so I can speak German to communicate with no problem. But I see Brazil as a country that's going to grow so much in these years, and I feel close to them because we are Latin people, and our language is similar. So I decided to start learning Portuguese. From my point of view, languages open up the possibilities to find a job, at home or abroad.


Being a French speaker, I'd love to work in France! It would still be a challenge but the experience would provide great satisfaction. I'd also consider Germany, Italy and Belgium for they have areas with worldwide reputations for high fashion innovation and status.

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Studying engineering in Germany, I always I would easily land a job in my home country upon graduation, so I never really considered whether I should be looking into learning other languages. It was never really an issue for me. I have no problem going abroad because I'm fluent in English and languages come very easily to me, so I never really thought about it consciously.


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