Subscriber data from Internet service providers

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Posted: Nov 02, 2012 7:24 PM
Subscriber data from Internet service providers

Companies that provide Internet access services have begun releasing their earnings reports for the latest quarter. There are subscriber figures and other data from selected Internet service providers.

— Oct. 18: Verizon Communications Inc. posted the first decline in overall broadband customers in four years, as it stopped marketing DSL connections to customers who don't also buy phone service. DSL connections are slower than cable modems, and Verizon has stopped investing in the technology, focusing instead on fiber-optic FiOS connections available in about two-thirds of the areas where it provides local phone service. Verizon added 136,000 FiOS Internet subscribers to end the quarter with 5.3 million. Verizon lost 8,000 broadband connections overall, ending with 8.8 million.

— Oct. 24: AT&T Inc. says it gained 613,000 U-verse Internet subscribers to reach 7.1 million, helping the company offset losses from DSL. Total wired broadband connections decreased by 42,000 during the quarter.

— Oct. 26: Comcast Corp. says it added 287,000 Internet customers, beating the 273,000 expected, giving it more than 19 million.

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