Funds with most concentrated positions in Facebook

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Posted: Sep 13, 2012 5:37 PM
Funds with most concentrated positions in Facebook

Below is a list of the 10 mutual funds with the largest proportions of their portfolios invested in shares of Facebook Inc., based on Associated Press research and data from Morningstar Inc. The list is based on each fund's most recently issued holdings report. Holdings may have changed since reports were issued.

Fund name Portfolio percentage in Facebook stock Latest disclosure date
1. Morgan Stanley Focus Growth (AMOAX) 5.7 July 31
2. Morgan Stanley Institutional Opportunity (MEGHX) 5.5 July 31
3. Morgan Stanley Institutional Growth (MSHSX) 4.8 July 31
4. Morgan Stanley Institutional Global Opportunity (MGGHX) 4.7 July 31
5. Morgan Stanley Institutional Advantage (MAPHX) 4.7 July 31
6. Morgan Stanley Multi-Cap Growth (CPOAX) 4.7 July 31
7. Morgan Stanley Institutional Global Advantage (MGAHX) 3.6 July 31
8. Turner Concentrated Growth (TTOPX) 3.6 July 31
9. Goldman Sachs Technology Tollkeeper (GITAX) 2.9 June 30
10. Chesapeake Core Growth (CHCGX) 2.2 June 30