'Moon colony' prompts galactic clash in GOP debate

AP News
Posted: Jan 27, 2012 10:20 AM
'Moon colony' prompts galactic clash in GOP debate

Newt Gingrich wants America to establish a colony on the moon. Mitt Romney says it's not worth the enormous cost.

The GOP presidential debate turned to space Thursday night as the candidates were asked about Gingrich's call for developing a permanent lunar presence as a way to invigorate a key Florida industry.

Gingrich says NASA should offer prize incentives to businesses that develop commercial flight to the moon and beyond. He holds up that idea as an example of bold thinking.

But Romney chalks it up as pandering to local concerns over national interests. He says that if a business subordinate brought the space idea to him he'd fire him.

Texas congressman Ron Paul drew laughs when he said the people he'd send to the moon are politicians.

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