Dannon to advertise at Super Bowl for 1st time

AP News
Posted: Dec 11, 2011 1:20 PM
Dannon to advertise at Super Bowl for 1st time

Dannon Co. says it will advertise its yogurt during the Super Bowl for its first time ever.

The yogurt maker said Sunday that its television advertisement will be shown during the third quarter of the game. The company says it is the first yogurt company in history to advertise during the football event in February, which is considered one of the top marketing opportunities of the year.

Dannon declined to disclose the details or cost of the commercial, but said it believes it's time to bring yogurt to the big leagues and promote healthy food to a wider base of customers.

The White Plains, N.Y., company makes products such as Activia and Oikos Greek Yogurt as well as its namesake yogurts. It is a subsidiary of French company Group Danone.