RI lawmaker wants to bring 'fairness' to car tax

AP News
Posted: Dec 08, 2011 3:52 PM
RI lawmaker wants to bring 'fairness' to car tax

A Rhode Island state legislator wants to change the way the car tax is calculated in the face of widespread complaints from residents that they are paying too much.

Democratic Rep. Joseph McNamara of Warwick has pre-filed legislation ahead of the start of the General Assembly in January that would bring what he calls "fairness, accuracy and truth" to the vehicle valuation process.

Many communities cut the car-tax exemption to the state-mandated minimum of $500 after lawmakers voted to lower the reimbursement to municipalities to that amount. That prompted many car owners to be stuck with tax bills they complained they couldn't afford.

McNamara's bill would change the way cars are valued, create a "meaningful" appeal process and allow for a fixed, nominal fee to be assessed on older vehicles.