Summary Box: UK spies ask hackers to crack code

AP News
Posted: Dec 02, 2011 11:21 AM
Summary Box: UK spies ask hackers to crack code

CLOAK: Britain's electronic listening agency, GCHQ, is trying to reach individuals with "a keen interest in code breaking and ethical hacking" for new career opportunities. Officials say they need people to counter "threats to information and computer technology." However, anyone who has hacked illegally need not apply, according to GCHQ.

DAGGER: The agency revealed it is behind an online campaign to find the next generation of cyber spooks. It launched a cryptic website last month featuring a box of code made up of numbers and letters. There is no branding on the site, only the phrase "Can you crack it?"

POCKET PROTECTORS: More than 50 people have successfully cracked the code so far _ of which 80 percent have submitted an application.