Judge sets Scrushy resentencing for Jan. 25

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Posted: Nov 04, 2011 10:00 AM
Judge sets Scrushy resentencing for Jan. 25

A federal judge will resentence former HealthSouth chief executive Richard Scrushy on Jan. 25 in Montgomery.

Scrushy and former Gov. Don Siegelman were convicted of government corruption charges in 2006. Scrushy was sentenced to nearly seven years in prison. Then a federal appeals court dropped two of the charges for which he was convicted and ordered a new sentencing hearing.

U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller set the new sentencing date Thursday.

Scrushy has already served more than four years in a federal prison. Fuller said in an order Tuesday that even with the dropped charges, Scrushy's remaining sentence is within federal sentencing guidelines. Fuller made the comment in an order rejecting Scrushy's request to be released from prison on bond.

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Siegelman is free on appeal bond.