On the Call: Time Warner Cable COO Robert Marcus

AP News
Posted: Oct 27, 2011 1:48 PM
On the Call: Time Warner Cable COO Robert Marcus

Time Warner Cable Inc. reported a small decline in its third-quarter earnings Thursday, falling shy of Wall Street's expectations. The nation's second-largest cable TV company said it continued to lose subscribers to its video service, though it gained customers for its high-speed Internet service.

On a conference call with analyst, the company's president and chief operating officer, Robert Marcus, answered an analyst's question about winning over customers who subscribe only to its data plan, and not TV or voice.

QUESTION: "Have you been working internally on winning back the data-only (subscribers) more significantly over the last few quarters and you are just now making it overt to the Street or would you say something was happening sort of at the consumer level that you are now following up with a more concerted effort?"

ANSWER: "Yes, we've been working harder at gaining non-customers, period. And we have been focusing on (high-speed data) on the theory it is where we have our greatest value proposition and that there may be some is customers out there who for various reasons might not be attracted by our video product, at least initially, who might be potential (high-speed data) customers.

We've been pushing hard on it. It doesn't mean we are not ultimately trying to upsell the customers to more products, but yes, we've been focused on that."