US regulators want closer look at air slot deal

AP News
Posted: Oct 11, 2011 7:50 PM
US regulators want closer look at air slot deal

The Justice Department says it wants to take a closer look at a deal that would allow US Airways to expand its flights at Reagan National Airport in Washington.

US Airways Group Inc. wants to trade 132 daily takeoff and landing rights at LaGuardia airport in New York to Delta Air Lines Inc. In exchange, US Airways would get 42 such rights at Reagan from Delta.

The Justice Department said Tuesday that the LaGuardia portion does not raise antitrust concerns. But it wants to keep investigating the Reagan portion. The government says travelers at Reagan already pay some of the highest fares in the country.

Leaving the Left
John Stossel

The Transportation Department granted final approval on Tuesday. It is requiring the airlines to give up 16 slots in Washington and 32 in New York.