Summary Box: Jobs set course forward for media

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Posted: Oct 06, 2011 5:57 PM
Summary Box: Jobs set course forward for media

TOUGH NEGOTIATOR: Steve Jobs made it look easy, but the Apple co-founder was a tough negotiator who charmed and berated business partners to get music, movies and books into iPhones and other devices.

RIP, MIX, BURN: Sometimes it took power plays. iMacs were once advertised as devices to "Rip, Mix (and) Burn" music from CDs, contributing to piracy. When the recording industry faltered, he came to the rescue with the digital iTunes store.

MIXED BLESSING: ITunes is the world's top music store, but CD sales are still falling. Some blame iTunes for unbundling tracks from albums. His impact on books, movies, printed material and other industries is still in early innings.