Summary Box: German industry group expects hiring

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Posted: Oct 20, 2010 2:42 PM
Summary Box: German industry group expects hiring

ITCHING TO HIRE: An industry group says German companies are increasingly happy with their business situation and more are looking to hire workers as the economy recovers strongly.

THE BACKGROUND: The Chambers of Industry and Commerce said it surveyed about 28,000 companies and found 38 percent describe their situation as good, 50 as satisfactory and only 12 as bad. That is up from 28 percent described their situation as good, 54 as satisfactory and 18 as bad in the early summer.

THE PAYOFF: Some 19 percent of those surveyed intend to hire more staff, compared with 16 percent in the summer, it found _ while the number planning to increase investments climbed to 29 percent from 25 percent.