FYI: apologizes for mystery e-mails

AP News
Posted: Oct 13, 2010 2:49 PM
FYI: apologizes for mystery e-mails

Users of the online budgeting site got a scare when they opened their e-mail Wednesday morning.

The site sent out a series of blank e-mails to users in the wee hours of the morning. There was no follow-up e-mail explaining the mysterious messages, raising concerns that the site was hacked. That's alarming because accesses the bank and investment accounts of its 4 million users.

What Happened

The site says the e-mails were the result of a "misconfiguration from a test system." says its security wasn't breached and that no customer data was compromised. But confused users had to seek out that explanation on the site's community support section; the site hadn't sent out a clarification e-mail by Wednesday afternoon.

Some More Detail

A representative said about 11 million of the blank emails were sent from the marketing department. Not all users got the blank messages, but those who did got between one and five.

CEO Aaron Patzer said in a statement that plans to update its homepage with the explanation and that an apology e-mail will go out later in the day. was purchased by personal finance software maker Intuit Inc. last year.