FAA reminds employees to act with decorum

AP News
Posted: Dec 22, 2009 5:30 PM

The Federal Aviation Administration is reminding its employees to behave with decorum after hidden television news cameras filmed FAA employees partying while they were in Atlanta for a $5 million training program.

The FAA sent 3,600 of its managers to an Omni hotel in Atlanta this month for training on a new contract the agency reached this fall with air traffic controllers, spokeswoman Sasha Johnson said Tuesday. It trained 1,200 of them a week over three weeks at a cost of about $1,388 per person, she said.

ABC News captured hidden-camera footage of some employees drinking heavily and going to local bars after the meetings. One asked an undercover female ABC News reporter if she was a "hooker" because "I was ready to reach for my wallet," ABC News reported Tuesday.

"We expect a level of professionalism from our employees at all times, including after work hours. We are reminding employees of that fact," Johnson said. "Reports of unruly public behavior are disappointing for the entire FAA."

While at the training, FAA managers received $81 per day for expenses, a standard government per diem rate, Johnson said. Their hotel rooms cost $140, she said. They typically traveled to Atlanta on a Monday, attended training Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, finished training Friday morning and left on Friday, Johnson said.

The only social function attached to the training was a welcome reception with a cash bar and food provided by the hotel, Johnson said. No taxpayer dollars were used for it, she said.


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