Event starts 24/7 operations at Dodge City casino

AP News
Posted: Dec 16, 2009 4:22 PM

A ribbon-cutting ceremony with Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson has started around-the-clock operations at a new casino in Dodge City.

Parkinson, legislators and local officials gathered Wednesday at the Boot Hill Casino and Resort to celebrate its opening.

The casino opened to the public Tuesday for about 10 hours. Marketing Coordinator Morgan Riekenberg (RIH-kuhn-berg) said about 2,200 visitors came the first day.

The casino is the first gambling hall to be built under a 2007 state law authorizing a single casino in each of four areas.

Under the law, the Kansas Lottery owns the rights to the gambling and the gambling equipment. But it hires developers to build and run the casinos.

The casino opened with 584 slot machines and 12 game tables.