AT&T faces suit on overtime pay

AP News
Posted: Dec 16, 2009 3:39 PM

A handful of current and former employees of AT&T Inc. are suing the telecommunications giant to get overtime pay that they claim the company has wrongfully withheld from them.

The employees say they do not have enough discretion in their jobs to be classified as managers, a status that exempts them from federal regulations requiring more pay for extra time on the job.

Steven Wittels, an attorney for the employees, said the plaintiffs are seeking class-action status to represent as many as 5,000 so-called "level one" managers at AT&T. He said they are asking for total damages of $1 billion.

The seven plaintiffs involved filed suit in both Atlanta and San Francisco.

AT&T spokesman Marty Richter said the company has no comment on the case.