$7M awarded to victim's family in Ky. plane crash

AP News
Posted: Dec 08, 2009 3:25 PM

A jury has awarded more than $7 million to the family of a passenger killed in the 2006 crash of a Comair regional jet in Kentucky.

The suit filed by survivors of Bryan Keith Woodward is the only passenger lawsuit that has reached trial.

Flight 5191 crashed after trying to take off from a runway at Lexington's airport that was too short for commercial jets. Forty-nine people were killed. The National Transportation Safety Board found the pilots' failed to notice clues they were on the wrong runway.

The jury's award on Monday is the first phase of the lawsuit. Another jury will decide next year if the airline was negligent, making the family eligible for punitive damages.

Comair says it hopes the trial provides the family with some healing. Comair is a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, Inc.