Ohio Democrats promote 2010 tech jobs ballot issue

AP News
Posted: Nov 30, 2009 4:48 PM

Ohio House Democrats are moving ahead with a plan to put a bond issue on the May 2010 ballot to expand a technology jobs program.

Reps. Jay Goyal and Sandra Williams said Monday they are sponsoring legislation that would go before voters in 2010. It would authorize the state to spend $1 billion over five years through bonding on the Ohio Third Frontier program.

The $1.6 billion program, which provides seed money for startup technology companies, started in 2002 under Republican Gov. Bob Taft and has enjoyed bipartisan support.

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But Republicans who control the Ohio Senate say there's no rush to put the program on next year's ballot since funding is available through 2011. Democrats say May is the best time to avoid busy general elections and partisan complications.