Inspectors blame tank overflow for SF Bay spill

AP News
Posted: Nov 18, 2009 8:11 PM

State inspectors say an oil spill that sent hundreds of gallons of bunker oil into San Francisco Bay was caused by a fuel tank that overflowed during a morning refueling stop.

A California Office of Spill Prevention investigation found that Dubai Star crew members didn't notice the tank was overflowing on Oct. 30 until the oil had already leaked into the bay.

The findings reverse an earlier suggestion that a faulty hose was to blame for the spill, which fouled six miles of Alameda coastline and killed at least 37 birds.

Inspectors are now trying to determine what caused the ship's fuel tank to overfill as it took on fuel at a refueling barge, but say the barge and its workers did not appear to be at fault.


Information from: San Francisco Chronicle,