Tom Fitton: Obama State Department Was "All Hands On Deck" For Targeting Trump With Steele Dossier Staff
Posted: Jun 12, 2019 12:40 PM
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told FNC's "Hannity" Tuesday night about new emails exposing Christopher Steele's State Department contacts.
TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH PRESIDENT: More documents out of the Obama State Department showing that Christopher Steele, Glen Simpson had special access to a person called Jonathan Winer who was the Libya guy in the Kerry State Department. And Winer was working Victoria Nuland and a top aide for Steny Hoyer, the incoming majority leader at the time, well, yhes, soon to be majority at the time, after the election, all about Russia and obviously targeting Trump. It's just incredible to see. We worry about the Justice Department and Bruce Ohr and Peter Strzok. Well, the State Department was all hands on deck in terms of targeting President Trump. They were meeting with Glen Simpson, Christopher Steele, Clinton aides, Sidney Blumenthal and other Clinton associate Cody Shearer. There was more than one dossier obviously going to the FBI and the Justice Department. Not from only Christopher Steele but created by the State Department itself, targeting Trump and the documents show that Jonathan Winer was in contact with Glen Simpson in September of 2016 who then immediately contacted Winer did, Victoria Nuland, a top aide at the State Department. And then after the election, they're working hand in glove with Steny Hoyer's guy on these Russia issues and obviously conveying information that they were gaining from Christopher Steele, who was extremely close to Jonathan Winer. He was -- Jonathan Winer was Christopher