Rand Paul: Working With Trump To Reform FISA Process To Make Sure 2016 Abuses Can't Be Repeated

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: May 30, 2019 3:23 PM
Sen. Rand Paul spoke Thursday to Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney about special counsel Robert Mueller's statement, saying Mueller's statement that "If We Had Confidence The President Clearly Didn't Commit A Crime, We Would Have Said So" ignores the principle of "innocent until proven guilty."
SEN. RAND PAUL: The thing that shocks me is someone like Mueller, who is supposed to be esteemed and has been around decades, completely fundamentally misunderstands our justice system. The burden on the government is to prove that you're guilty. No one is proved to be innocent. You're presumed to be innocent. He is on television, "We never said, we never concluded the president was innocent." Completely misunderstands our judicial system. You're presumed to be innocent, they have to prove you're guilty. He was not charged. He was not indicted, so he is innocent, so it is really wrong-headed but misunderstands our system for him to go around and say, "If he was innocent we would have said he was innocent." That never happens in our country. Grand juries never issue a bill about innocence. They only either indict you or try to prove you're guilty. You're presumed to be innocent in our country and Mueller completely misunderstands that. STUART VARNEY: If we go with all the impeachment talk and investigations and subpoenas, and heaven knows what else, am I right in saying the government is essentially stalled, nothing gets done? RAND PAUL: Yes. I think people are sick and tired of this.