Dem Sen. Markey Misses 'Travel Ban' Details: "If You Are Muslim, You Cannot Come To The United States" Staff
Posted: Jun 26, 2017 2:43 PM
In a Monday morning appearance on CNN, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) expressed "disappointment" that the Supreme Court did not issue a ruling saying that "a Muslim ban in and of itself is unconstitutional." "It goes right to the heart of the Statue of Liberty staring at the Trump Tower in New York City every single day," he said, "In terms of what it stands for." Editor's note The Supreme Court never had an opportunity to rule on whether a complete 'Muslim ban' would be unconstitutional, because one was never proposed. President Trump's 'travel ban' is not a ban on all Muslims only people from six mideastern countries. The Supreme Court has also carved out exceptions for anyone with a tangible connection to U.S. persons or institutions. Also, the text written on the Statue of Liberty is not legally binding. "It still doesn't deal with this fundamental flaw with the Trump order, which is, at its heart, it is a Muslim ban," Markey said about the Court's exceptions. "It says to all refugees: If you are Muslims, you cannot come to the U.S. of America, regardless of the reason why you are turning into a refugee."