Mika Brzezinski: Bill Kristol Needs To Stop, "He's Been Wrong About Trump"

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: Jun 01, 2016 9:36 AM
An exasperated Mika Brzezinski tried to think of an "uncrass" way to tell Bill Kristol to stop his fruitless search for a Trump alternative. On Wednesday's Morning Joe, the co-host said Kristol "has been so wrong about Trump." "It sounds like this gentleman is really impressive," Brzezinski said of Kristol's hand-picked candidate David French. "I think Bill Kristol has got to stop, sort of -- I'm trying to think of an uncrass of saying this," Brzezinski said. "Well, how about digging?" co-host Joe Scarborough offered up. "He's been digging since Trump got in the hole." "He's been wrong," Brzezinski of Kristol. "Sorry. He's been wrong about Trump and if you're going to get behind someone who can really rival Trump, you need to get behind somebody who can really rival Trump." "It's got to be someone that the Koch brothers would seriously considering funding," Mike Barnicle chimed in. "The person has to be actually be a draw in a way that is galvanizing," Brzezinski concluded.