NBC's Evan Kohlmann Doubts ISIS Caused Plane Crash: "Have To Be Very Cautious In Assigning Blame"

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: May 20, 2016 1:57 PM
NBC terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann showed up on the network Friday afternoon and expressed doubt that terror was to blame for the crash of Egypt Air Flight 804. Kohlmann acknowledged there "was some kind of explosion," but said there are a variety of "very unlikely scenarios" that could cause that, including terrorism. The terror expert noted one has to "be careful" about assigning blame because "there's no evidence right now to make that judgment." Kohlmann also noted that nobody has taken credit for the incident. "We're now approaching almost two full days since this happened and nobody, al Qaeda, ISIS, nobody has said anything about this," Kohlmann said. "They're not commenting about this, they're not claiming credit for it." "I think that has to lead to the inevitable question is, was this really terrorism?" Kohlmann asked himself. Kohlmann dismissed the idea ISIS could be behind an attack due to the relative small number of civilian non-combatants and likelihood that the Muslims passengers were Sunni. "Even by the standards of ISIS, that's kind of pushing it," he commented. KOHLMANN: I can get the idea of ISIS targeting the Egyptian government or the Egyptian military, sure, they do that all the time. But the idea of bringing down a flight that's only carrying 56 people, 30 of which are Egyptian presumably Sunni Muslims, civilians, non-combatants. Even by the standards of ISIS that's really kind of pushing it. So you do kind of wonder what was the target here? Who were they going