Larry Sabato: Imagine The Things Sanders Could Demand With 40% Of Delegates To DNC Convention Staff
Posted: May 18, 2016 11:14 AM
Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia's Center for Politics says that the clash between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters at the Nevada DNC Convention. This could likely happen again at the DNC convention in Philadelphia in July, "Unless something changes," according to Sabato. "I'm not sure that Bernie Sanders is going to respond to much criticism from Democratic leaders," he said. "Because they have not supported him. He was and is a lone wolf." "He's unbossed and unbought... the downside of being a lone wolf is you don't work well and play well with others." "[Sanders] is likely to have around 40% of the delegates. 40%, Carol, think about what you can do with a raucous group of 40% of the delegates. He'll want all sorts of platform planks, he'll want influence on VP pick, he may want to control some of the scheudle. This is going to get really stick and messy... We're in for two disrupted conventions."

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