David Ignatius: "JV Comments Were A Disasterous Mistake," Not Part Of Some Grand Strategy To Downplay ISIS

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: Nov 25, 2015 11:06 AM
Washington Post columnist David Ingatius punctures the comfortable bubble manufactured by the "Morning Joe" panel that President Obama's seeming lack of concern about ISIS is not part of some grand strategy to downplay the threat, but simply incompetance. "I think the 'JV comments' were a disasterous mistake," he said. "And both the president and his director of national intelligence said 'we underestimated ISIS.'" "It is his style to a fault to be dry and detached and if we have learned anything about the man in seven years, that is who he is." WILLIE GEIST, MSNBC: I want to ask you David what you think the strategy is behind down-playing ISIS -- and clearly, it is a strategy because we've heard it again and again they don't have the capability to strike, and they're killers with social media, and we shouldn't talk about them so much because it makes them feel important. What is the thinking in the White House saying those things? DAVID IGNATIUS, WASHINGTON POST: I don't hear a strategy to down play ISIS? I think they're trying to put together a military campaign on the ground. JOE SCARBOROUGH: David, I have to stop you because your first sentence -- and you know we've got the greatest amount of respect for you -- but that doesn't line up with the reality, with a president that called them, said they were JV, said they were contained, said on the weekend after the attacks in Paris they couldn't strike America, they

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