Krauthammer: Hillary Not "Pro-Choice" When It Comes to Veterans Picking Hospitals, "Trying To Cover Her Trail" Staff
Posted: Nov 12, 2015 12:41 PM
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This is all political. She is trying to cover her trail for her dismissiveness last week and the solution is the classic liberal solution. Every word she said about examining the problem and no tolerance is exactly what Obama said about this two years ago when it happened and we know that nothing has been done. The root problem here and the reason that the Democrats are not going to be able to solve this is because you have to ask why do we have separate V.A. hospitals? She railed against privatization because that's a real key word and it sounds really awful. Another way of saying that is to say you would be pro-choice, that a veteran would have a choice whether to go to a private hospital or a V.A. hospital. And why do we need a separate system? 150 years ago, yes, military medicine was probably advanced over what the private sector had had. Today that is not true... What you really ought to do is to give them vouchers to go anywhere they want. But a Democrat will never consider that because it gives a person choice.

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