Barbara Boxer Reprimands Republican Colleagues: If John Kerry Was Bamboozled, Then The Whole World Was Bamboozled Staff
Posted: Jul 23, 2015 3:04 PM
Secretary of State John Kerry found himself on the defensive Thursday at a Senate hearing where he was hard-pressed to find support for the Iran nuclear deal from either side of the aisle -- and sharply sparred with Republicans who accused him of being "fleeced" and "bamboozled." Sen. Barbara Boxer stands up to her Republican colleagues and declares to John Kerry: "If you were bamboozled, the world has been bamboozled. That's ridiculous and unfair and wrong." And to her colleagues: "You can disagree for sure with aspects of this agreement, but i think we need to stay away from that kind of rhetoric." Transcript: SEN. BARBARA BOXER: I support the right of my colleagues to say anything they want, but you have sat there and you have heard two of my colleagues go after you with words that I am going to repeat. You were "fleeced one said. The other said you have been "bamboozled." So putting aside the fact that I think that's disrespectful and insulting, that's their right to do. there are other ways to express your disagreement, but that goes to your core as a human being and your intelligence, and I think you are highly intelligent. Let me ask you, and if you could answer yes or no, and I know it's hard for you, secretary kerry for you to do so because we're senators and it's not our way and then I can get through the rest of my list. so my colleagues think you

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