Cruz: Obama "Friendlier" To Raul Castro and Cuba Than To Netanyahu and Israel Staff
Posted: Jul 02, 2015 11:27 AM
Republican candidate for president Sen. Ted Cruz talks to nationally-syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt about his new book A Time for Truth, his presidential campaign, and the U.S. opening an embassy in Cuba. Yesterday, the White House Deputy National Security Advisor said President Obama would be "very interested" in visiting Cuba before he leaves office. SEN. TED CRUZ: I think this is a serious mistake. It's a manifestation of the pattern of weakness and appeasement towards our enemies that has characterized the Obama-Clinton foreign policy. It's the same pattern that occurred, that is occurring with regard to Russia, with regard to Iran, and it's a very dangerous pattern. How sad is it that under the Obama administration the United States is going to have an embassy in Havana before we have an embassy in Jerusalem, that this administration will be friendlier to a communist dictator who hates America and seeks to undermine our nation than it is willing to stand with our close friend and ally, the nation of Israel. I think it's wrong.

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