Cillizza: de Blasio Wants To Be An Elizabeth Warren-Like Figure, "Quite Clearly Has Other Intentions" Staff
Posted: May 06, 2015 4:06 PM
Washington Post's Chris Cillizza reacts to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's appearance on Wednesday's broadcast of Morning Joe where he gave presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a "report card" rather than an endorsement. "I'm optimist big where she's going," de Blasio said on Morning Joe. "I think she's beginning to fashion a progressive agenda. I think a lot of us understandably want to hear the core ideas around fighting income inequality because that's what people are struggling with." "So he's giving her a report card," NBC's Andrea Mitchell said on her afternoon MSNBC show today. "I guess a B or a C grade. He's not ready to endorse yet. What's going on there?" "I would say this is more about Bill de Blasio than it is about Hillary Clinton," Cillizza said on Wednesday's Andrea Mitchell Reports. "What Bill de Blasio wants his future to look like which is not just the mayor of New York City, but sort of a voice for progressives around the country. I think he viewed his election in many ways that he embraced a very progressive agenda in a Democratic primary and won extremely convincingly." "I think he wants to be sort of an Elizabeth Warren-like figure," Cillizza also said. "Sort of holding Hillary Clinton accountable for the left, being sort of a spokesman and representative for the left. Who knows what he would like to parlay that into beyond being the mayor of New York City. But, quite clearly, he has other intentions."