Andrew Napolitano On Garland Shooting: NSA Failed Again Staff
Posted: May 05, 2015 9:12 AM
ANDREW NAPOLITANO: The Supreme Court has ruled unambiguously that deliberate provocation is protected speech, it is the duty of the government to be aware of the deliberate provocation, the likely danger, and to protect the speaker... The First Amendment anticipates some violence. That is why we have a government. To protect us from the violence that would try and silence us... The police are allowed to look at anything that is in the public domain. But if you are talking about the police capturing his speech at the time he uttered it -- Guess what: The NSA already does that. It obviously didn't work in this case... I say that the 4th Amendment says -- remember that thing the Constitution? -- the Brits don't have one. The 4th Amendment says the police should not be doing it. It is not I, it is the framers who ordained this.

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