Jon Stewart: Corruption Is Out Of Control Both In And Out Of New Jersey Staff
Posted: Mar 13, 2015 10:49 AM
Jon Stewart skewers New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie and Senator Bob Menendez for corruption, lies, and scandals. Although New Jersey may have perfected political dysfunction, the Garden State's problems are indicative of national trends. JON STEWART: Our politics are so sick, symptoms we used to use to identify cut and dry corruption are now shrugged off as, Ehh, it's a fuzzy line, what are you gonna do? We're that chronically ill. Unless the corruption jumps directly off a Thomas Nast tear-sheet, handlebar mustache guy, bribe in hand for a handlebar mustache contract, then we don't think it is corruption. This isn't just a Jersey thing, although we have perfected it there. This goes to every level of government... The only reason Menendez might face charges is he showered his favors on some schmuck he knows instead of a corporation or lobbying group.
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