O'Reilly: The "Global Coalition" Against ISIS Obama Talks About Is A Myth

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: Feb 05, 2015 11:28 AM
BILL O'REILLY: After ISIS executed a Jordanian pilot by burning him alive, there were scenes of outrage across the Muslim world. Almost immediately the Jordanian government executed a 46-year-old Iraqi woman, suicide bomber, arrested when her vest failed to ignite. That was back in 2005. The Jordanians hanged her yesterday. They also hanged a man named Ziad al-Karbouli who was sentenced to death. He is an al Qaeda operative. Now, I would not have done that because the executions smack of revenge not retribution. It's always better to operate within the law, not be swayed by a mob reaction. But surely everyone can understand the anger of the Jordanian people have toward the ISIS killers and other terrorists. Japanese people have the same anger, so do most Americans and others around the world. But again, there is no strategy in place to stop the ISIS madness.