President Bush's DHS Head Tom Ridge Endorses Jeb For President Staff
Posted: Feb 03, 2015 1:18 PM
The first Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge (2003-2005), joins's PoliticKING with Larry King to endorse Jeb Bush for president. KING: A little politics, do you have a favorite among the 600 republican potential nominees. RIDGE: Well Larry it's still a subject of mine. You're always happy to retire undefeated, 8-0, but I've got to keep my head in the game. First of all, Larry I'm governor-centric. So I'm feeling really good about the number of really quality governors that we have in this upcoming election. But, I think the governor of a pretty complex state like Florida, a governor who has a great track record, a governor who's into the problem solving business, and he's done a great job, someone I'm fully -- what little credibility or what little traction I may have politically left after all those years. I'm pleased to send it and let Jeb Bush use it however he sees fit. KING: So you're endorsing him? RIDGE: No question about it.

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