Superior officer on the scene during Eric Garner's death was a black woman Staff
Posted: Dec 05, 2014 10:34 AM

I read over two dozen major media reports detailing the circumstances of Eric Garner's death yesterday, after the grand jury declined to issue an indictment against Officer Daniel Pantaleo, and angry demonstrators flooded the streets of New York.  Every single one of those reports, like all previous reporting on the case, went out of its way to mention that Garner was black and Pantaleo is white.

Some of those reports mentioned that several other officers were present on the scene.  A few of those reports noted, in passing, that a superior officer was watching over Garner's arrest.  A very few of those reports said that the superior officer was a woman.  Absolutely none of them - not one - mentioned that she was black.  But such is the case, according to a blog post at Gateway Pundit:

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