Krauthammer: "No Doubt" Chickenshit Comment An "Accurate Reflection" Of What Obama Thinks Staff
Posted: Oct 30, 2014 4:31 PM
BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX NEWS: Let's move on and talk about our international relations. A big editorial in The Washington Post, our relations with Turkey have never been worse. And now with Israel the same exact thing. According to a high-ranking senior Obama administration official, personally ripping into Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him chicken [bleep], because they said he's too worried about starting a war, only worried about his own political skin, getting real personal about a guy that's just coming off a war the administration didn't want him to fight. What's behind this? CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I think there is animosity between the leadership, the president and the prime minister, unlike any in the history of Israel. It goes back to 1948. This is unique. However, there is an underlying policy issue here. What the Israelis are worried about more than anything else is that Obama cuts a bad deal with Iran. The deadline is in three weeks and no one is sure what's going to happen. But the way that the administration and the western powers had been making one concession after another in the middle of the negotiations as a way to almost beseech the Iranians to go ahead and make a deal, it looks as if if there is a deal, Iran will be a threshold nuclear power, meaning it will be three months away, four months away and any time it wants in the future of getting a nuke and that for Israel would be an exist

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