Chris Hayes: NYC Has Been Preparing For Ebola "Day And Night" For Two Months Staff
Posted: Oct 24, 2014 10:28 AM
CHRIS HAYES: We strongly emphasize at this point no one else has been diagnoses with Ebola in New York City. His fiancee is in quarantine. She is presently not symptomatic. He went to a bowling alley in Brooklyn Wed. night, and took an Uber home. He said he was not exhibiting a fever at that time although he did feel tired. Further, according to the Times ,health care workers have dispersed across the city to determine who else might have come in contact with Dr. Spencer in recent days. You will recall that Thomas Eric Duncan before finally receiving treatment did not infect any family members, this even though he was symptomatic and in relatively confined space with them for several days. It should also be noted that New York City has been preparing for this eventually day and night for more than two months, and enacting CDC protocols, training nurses and testing the reaction of 11 city hospitals by sending people to those hospitals who pretended to have symptoms and travel histories consistent with a possible Ebola diagnosis.

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