New York Times Offers Pricey Reporter-Guided Tour of 'Once-Forbidden' Iran, Review of Ayatollah's 'Accomplishments' Staff
Posted: Oct 13, 2014 9:16 AM

Ira Stoll at reports that “For the price of $6,995, the New York Times is offering 13-day tours of Iran guided by Times journalist Elaine Sciolino.” It’s a pretty hard sell, but the Times tries to sell Tehran as a party town with “joie de vivre.”

"Tehran is an interesting fusion of old meeting new; conservative elders uphold the traditions of the illustrious Persian past while the young and fashionable adopt a new trendy joie de vivre. The city itself may be a little on the dusty and ugly side but it’s the grit that gives it flavor and even color." So that’s what the ayatollahs do, “uphold the illustrious Persian past”?