Scarborough and Matthews Squabble Like Schoolboys: 'It's My Show!' Staff
Posted: Oct 07, 2014 10:02 AM

Early in today's Morning Joe, teasing Chris Matthews' upcoming appearance, Mika Brzezinski admonished "you two be nice now." They weren't.  Yet again, the two MSNBC hosts came to verbal blows.  

The detonator wasn't political differences.  Instead, the two MSNBC hosts squabbled over personal supremacy like a pair of eighth-grade boys in the schoolyard.  Matthews was on a riff, offering a extended rundown of his predictions on the various Senate races.  He didn't want to stop when Scarborough sought to interrupt.  "Just a minute, Joe. Just a minute," insisted the Hardball host. Shot back Scarborough: "no, no.  It's my show.  I'm going to ask you a question." "No, I finish the answer first," countered Chris. Insisted Scarborough: "you always do this. You act like you never ask follow-up questions on your show, and then you come on my show and then you're so damned shocked and stunned when somebody actually stops you from going on a 12-minute --"