Brit Hume: Political Battle To Halt Gay Marriage Is Over: "I Think This Is It" Staff
Posted: Oct 07, 2014 10:17 AM
BRET BAIER: You look around the country, politically there aren't Republicans running on [halting the spread of gay marriage legalization], is this it? BRIT HUME: I think this is it, Bret. I think that while the Supreme Court didn't really take up the issue today, leaving in tact these rulings against the bans, and given the public opinion where it stands, there's just no political momentum really on the other side of the issue. This is as fast a reversal of public opinion as I've ever seen on a major issue, particularly one this contentious. And there is now a constituency in both parties that is for this, you have of course many liberals favor it, they constitute much/most  of the Democratic Party, and you have the libertarian element in the Republican Party, which is an important part of the Republican Party. Now it has been a fast movement, but a bipartisan one.