Pentagon Spokesman: ISIS "Has Had Some Success" In "The Last Week Or So" Staff
Posted: Oct 03, 2014 11:27 AM
GRETA VAN SUSTERAN: Are they advancing at all, growing at all, moving towards Baghdad more? Or taking more towns? ADM. JOHN KIRBY: They are, they continue to want to gain territory. And we do continue to see them try to do that, and they have had some success, we talked about some of the success they've had out in Anbar province in the last week or so, no question they still want to do that, they're still trying to. They still threaten baghdad, they're still threatening Bagdhdad, but they haven't made any strides in that regard. Iraqi security forces in and around the capital are doing a good job, they're stiffening their defences. They know how important that city is to their people and their country.
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