Some National Media Skip Oklahoma Beheading, But Dwelled on Oklahoma Botched Execution Staff
Posted: Oct 01, 2014 11:01 AM

The network news divisions still leap to cover grisly crimes in the heartland. But some crimes are much more interesting than others. Take, for example, the beheading of a woman at a Vaughan Foods factory in Moore, Oklahoma on September 26. All three networks reported the story on Friday night, but surprisingly, they quickly lost interest within 24 hours. They barely noticed Saturday morning.

Newspapers were one-and-done. Saturday’s New York Times printed one story on page A-12, although it included the beheader’s Facebook rants. “The page is filled with criticism of American culture, and dire warnings for those who do not follow that religion.” His most recent post, three days before the murder said “This is the last days.'' In July he wrote (capitals his) ''AMERICA AND ISRAEL ARE WICKED. WAKE UP MUSLIMS!!!''