Vote: Which Was Lamest Excuse by Morning Joe Panelists for Obama ISIS Failure? Staff
Posted: Sep 30, 2014 11:03 AM

[video:With about a month to go before the elections, let's loosen up our lever-pulling arms by inviting NewsBusters readers to vote on the lamest excuse offered by three Morning Joe panelists today for President Obama's failure to heed the intelligence about the threat ISIS posed. 1. Columbia prof Dorian Warren: congressional intelligence committees are to blame for not raising the issues with President Obama. 2. Mike Barnicle: James Clapper is to blame for not assembling the intelligence to the point that it got the president's full attention. 3. Eugene Robinson: not fair to blame the president considering there could have been 15 things in the intel briefing that day deserving urgent atention. 4. Bo the dog ate President Obama's intel briefing. OK, scratch that one; I made it up.