Axelrod: Congress "Didn't Want An Authorization Vote" For Syria Bombing Staff
Posted: Sep 26, 2014 9:15 AM
DAVID AXELROD: We had 160,000 troops in Iraq when he became president and there are 1,600 there now. Obviously circumstances have changed, one of the reasons he opposed the war in the first place was because he said that it would unleash these ethnic rivalries and would further inflame the Islamic world. He was right about that and we're still paying the price for it. And that's why we're back there now, but its a far different situation than what we faced when he came to office. Look, I've talked to him about it and this is my political analysis: You know and I know that the leaders of Congress didn't want him to come to them with an authorization vote, and that's why there wasn't, I suspect, an authorization vote. It's kind of ironic, they are suing him in some cases for overstepping his authority, but on this one they said no you take care of it yourself.
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