Krauthammer: ISIS "Knows Exactly What They're Doing" Staff
Posted: Sep 23, 2014 11:30 AM
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: You could explain what they did in two ways: One, they're not as savvy and western oreinted as we think, they didn't quite understand he effect that the beheadings on telvision would have on the U.S. and they're surprised by our reaction. I tend to support the other theory: They know exactly what they're doing. They wanted to bring the U.S. in. They think in the end like everywhere else, we will tire, and they also are mainly right now in intramural competition with the other jihadists in the world, they want to be the new al-Qaeda, they want to supercede everybody. They want to be the one true crusading into the West, if you like, and by taking on America you rise to our stature. I think that was behind the beheadings, I think they're bringing us in was intended.