Chris Matthews Comes Unglued: Evil Dick Cheney 'Created al-Qaeda,' 'Created ISIS' Staff
Posted: Sep 12, 2014 10:56 AM

During the final segment of MSNBC's coverage of Barack Obama's brief Wednesday night speech -- in which the Democratic occupant of the White House called for air strikes in Iraq and Syria to combat the ISIS terrorist group -- Hardball host Chris Matthews used the occasion to hammer former Vice President Dick Cheney as the cause, not just of the current president's problems in the Middle East, but of creating Islamic terrorism as a whole.

“Please do not listen to Dick Cheney,” Matthews advised Obama. “He’s the one that created Al Qaeda by taking over the holy land in Saudi Arabia. He’s the one that de-Baathicized [sic] the Iraqi government. He created ISIS, and he’s coming back again with more advice.”

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